Time to Look at Life in a Different Context NOW.

Welcome to NOW Realty Pvt. Ltd. A dynamic new real estate venture in Pune founded by the industry veteran Mr. Rajendra Pate. With over 3 decades of realty experience, Mr. Pate’s vision is to create living spaces that can stand the test of time. As NOW is all about living life in the present, in the moment and in the very instant. Where every project is built around the nature, and not at its cost; every project offers you luxurious living as a way of life; every project is framed around activities that invite healthy moments.
Since every home is bought with a dream of nurturing generations, the company will work towards this pursuit of providing spaces where life is lived in a fresh, energetic way, every single day. This futuristic approach and decades of past experience will translate every project to a landmark and every home to a holistic living experience for every resident; now and forever.

The Background

Behind every successful enterprise, are the unwavering ideologies that instigate courage in a person to pursue them. It’s this very key insight that we have placed our emphasis on and have marched on to build NOW.

Teacher to Entrepreneur

‘Life isn’t about finding yourself, but creating yourself’. Keeping this belief in mind Late Shri Govindrao alias Appasaheb Pate (Wani) travelled to Pune from Chalisgaon, Jalgaon. He commenced his career as a school teacher in Pune but the destiny had something else to pursue. His entrepreneurship spirit encouraged him to accumulate information on real estate fraternity and thus sowed the seeds of real estate brokerage business under the name of ‘Vijay Estate Agency’.

The Foundation

The small brokerage business had a long way to go. It was in 1983 that all the Pate brothers brought to the table their inheritance of excellence and academic wisdom which gave shape to the formation of Amit Enterprises Housing Limited. The unbeatable combination of imagination, business sense, technical abilities and marketing & advertising skills gave Amit Enterprises an edge over its competitors.

The Never-Ending Journey

Founded in 1963 as a real estate agency with high standards and potential for growth, transformed into gigantic real estate firm, having an insatiable desire to achieve greater success with each passing year, the success saga is carried forward by the formation of NOW Realty. A firm that believe in creating timeless spaces.